Monday, March 17, 2008

Egg Salad Anyone?

I see a whole lot of egg salad in my near future. Maybe some deviled eggs. Or some tuna salad with egg. Or even potato salad. I don't think we should eat 2 dozen boring hard boiled eggs.

We had fun coloring eggs tonight. Not at all quilt related, but fun none the less.

Check out the surgeon wanna-be. Grace was following her dad, who didn't want to get his fingers dirty.

Notice the shirt - wrong holiday - oh well, at least it doesn't show the dye that hit her shirt.

And last but not least, cheese ball in the making. She is such a ham when the camera comes out. Oh how I love digital.


Jacquie said...

Send that egg salad this FAVORITE, though they are pretty cute to eat!

Laurie said...

too cute...this will be the first year without colored eggs...i figure with the youngest being 19 that it's time to stop the easter baskets and egg coloring! call me old! LOL