Monday, April 7, 2008


I'm not sure where the weekend went. I'm not even sure I even got much done. I do know that I had a horrible migraine yesterday, so pretty much anything after 1 PM is a blur to me.

On Saturday, Grace and I managed to deliver some completed bags to the photographer. I need to make some more handles, so we will have another small load to deliver next Saturday too.

Since Photography by Brandi is out in the "country" we also managed to hit
Needle Nest quilt shop in Louisburg. I love those ladies. I love that shop as well and managed to leave some money with them. Grace grabbed 4 fat quarters that she couldn't live without. One of them has already been deemed bag material. Maybe this week we can create something together.

The big fun for the weekend was having the family over to watch the big basketball game Saturday night - KU vs. UNC. Rock Chalk Jayhawk. After the game was over, we promptly invited everyone back to watch with us on Monday. Unfortunately no one accepted our invitation. My husband is convinced we had some good juju going on and that's why the team won. It was fun to see him not be able to wipe that HUGE smile off his face.


Jacquie said... awful. Hope you are better now. Ok, you know this is hard...but tell your husband congratulations on the game. Tarheels will be back! I am cheering for the Jayhawks tonight..I am living in Kansas!

Laurie said...

GO JAYHAWKS!!!!! I would've come for a party tonight! Oh well...

I'll have the check out the shop in Louisburg.

Did you go to first Saturday at harper's? I have been gone the last 2 and will be gone in May as well! *sigh*