Friday, August 27, 2010

Quilts of Valor

I'm officially behind on my blogging. I have so much to share and either leave it in the camera or get totally side tracked and it just never makes it to the big screen.

I was asked by Nikki if I could donate some time and quilt a quilt top for Quilts of Valor. My answer, definitely. Then I saw the top. Oh Crud. I don't custom quilt. I have decided that I'm a pantograph through and through. Everyone has to be good at something and I can safely say that I've mastered the pantographs. So back to the quilt. I stared at it for a few days until I figured out I could do an all over feather design.

Here is a picture of the quilting on the back.
Quilts of Valor

It's Fay Feathers from Willow Leaf Studios.

Now for the front of the quilt.
Quilts of Valor

I'm really pleased with my efforts and would be happy to help Nikki out anytime she has more Valor tops to be quilted.

Have a great day.


Vesuviusmama said...

Great choice of design, and good for you for donating your time and expertise!

Nikki said...

I just love the job you did, Becky. Haven't had a chance to chat with you since I picked it up, but you did a great job. All over pantographs are great and the one you picked really is stunning!

Careful what you wish for.... I have people finishing QOV tops pretty often these days. I could keep you very busy! Just let me know when you'd like another one and I'll get together with you. I usually have a few waiting for quilters. :) Thanks so much!

Shirleymac said...

I found your blog through Vesuviusmama. You do gorgeous work!

Judy said...

It looks fabulous! Good for you, you know whoever receives this quilt is going to love it.
I've decided I'm a panto gal too. No custom for me, makes me crazy.